Playboy BunniesIn August 2010, I was one of the lucky few chosen to attend an epic bash at the Playboy Mansion.  The two day event was put on by the ad network Epic Direct, which was then known as Azoogle Ads.

This party was to reward their top earners for the past year – 50 of them to be exact – and to also recognize their ad partners.

I wish I could say I was one of the top earners, but I would probably be writing this from my yacht somewhere off the coast, instead I’m sitting on my couch at home. 🙂

Luckily, for the lower tier earners like myself there was an essay contest.  The instructions were simple: in 250 words or less, describe why you should join the biggest party of the year at the Playboy mansion.

Simple enough, but I never win anything so I quickly decided against it.

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missing-child-app-splashIn the first post in this series I chronicled how I came up with my idea for Missing Child Alerts… plus a few tips to help you find your inspiration.

Now, I want to discuss the creation process – from design to final product.

But, first, there are a few things to consider before you get too deep into the creation process. This planning process will help you really put things into perspective before you make the final leap.

Identify your audience
So, you have the next great mobile app idea, but who exactly do you envision using this app?

Hint: don’t say everybody!

You need to narrow down and focus on who this app will appeal to or benefit the most. This will help in the creation process, but more importantly in the marketing (and possibly selling) process of your app. Click to continue…

Small Business Website BuilderThe interwebs can be a scary place…

Especially, if you’re not very tech savvy.

And, unfortunately, many small business owners who could really use the web to get their fledgling business off the ground face this reality.

Now, as many of you know, I love developing solution to people’s problems.

Just as I did with my Missing Child Alerts app and I do every day with, I have recently set out to help small business owners, with very little computer experience, create simple, elegant and affordable websites to help their business grow!

A New Product Is Born

While the world was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kanye and Kim’s baby, I’ve been in the lab brewing up something special. Click to continue…

missing girls*This is the first post in a series focusing on creating mobile apps – from idea to the store. Stay up-to-date by following me on Facebook or twitter.

One of my goals this year was to diversify my income and create a mobile app.

The biggest problem I faced was coming up with an idea that I felt comfortable investing in.

Creating mobile apps isn’t cheap (at least I thought) and you’re not guaranteed a return on your investment.

I had many ideas on my plate, but none that I wanted to pull the trigger and actually have developed.

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Link Emperor Best Practices GuideDan McGonagle of and I have thrown together a little guide to help those wanting to get the most out of Link Emperor and to get a general overview of what’s working now as far as SEO is concerned.

This guide is ONLY available to those who buy Link Emperor through my affiliate link below, through Dan’s link on his site or it’s free if you’re a member of

What’s Inside:

  • As the title would suggest, this guide will ensure you get the most out of the already powerful Link Emperor! This is an extremely powerful service so make sure you use it right!
  • How to PROPERLY do tiered link building.  There’s a lot of information out there on how to do tiered link building – folks putting videos on forums, people selling tiered link building services, etc. – but MOST of them aren’t doing it right, or should I say most effectively.
  • Importance of anchor text variation and how to do it right.
  • And MORE!

All you have to do is try out Link Emperor through this link, then send me an email with your order number.  I will then email you the Link Emperor Best Practices Guide asap.  It’s that simple! Click to continue…

Link Emperor Review**Update 9/15/2012: Grab your own FREE copy of the powerful Link Emperor Best Practices Guide when you subscribe through my affiliate link. This guide will ensure you get the most out of this ultra-powerful service!  But, first read through my detailed Link Emperor review below and check out my case study to see exactly how you can start ranking your websites completely hands-off!

**Update 11/19/2012: The guys at Link Emperor just made a few considerable improvements to the program, even fixing one of my main gripes! First they added the ability to do tier link building, completely hands off.  And they even take it a step further by only juicing up the best tiers based on their built-in algorithm.  Secondly, you now have full-control over the types of links built to your site! I believe this is especially important in the current climate of the SEO world!

Link Emperor is another one of those link building services that claims to be totally hands-off, building you a multitude of links completely on autopilot. But, does it deliver? Continue reading my Link Emperor review

lemonsIf you’re into the whole SEO thing and frequent blogs/forums etc. then you’ve probably heard of the penguin update…

And you’re probably sick of hearing about it – or more so the speculation and mass hysteria.

So, for me personally, I plan on looking past the speculation and clearing the waters the only way I know how…

Through testing on my personal sites!

So, what does this have to do with my niche site?  Well, this particular site was kicked square in the nuts by the penguin.

Now, where most people would give up or cry about how evil Google is, I plan on taking the lemons Google gave us and making lemonade!

A few things:


I have a mixed bag of sites – some affected negatively and some actually gained ground.

Two of my sites I created at the same time and have the exact same backlinking portfolio, meaning I only used one service for both of these sites, yet one gained ground while the other fell off the map on the exact same day – April 24th.

Because of this, I plan on focusing on on-page factors first.  There are a few glaring differences between the two sites, especially when it comes to content, outbound links, etc. Continue reading niche site update #5

I’m about to show you how to be 30x more productive with your SEO efforts…

And like a lot of the methods I use, this little tip/tool is absolutely FREE!

But, first I want to bore you with a quick story about myself.

I’m very meticulous (nice way of saying I suffer from OCD – thanks mom) in that I track and plan most everything I do.

For example:

I have a spreadsheet set up for all of my workouts which detail every rep and pound I’ve lifted over the last ten years…

I have my diet plan written out in detail, displaying my caloric, carb, protein and fat goals for each day, displayed in my kitchen… Continue reading to learn how to turn Excel into an SEO powerhouse

DoomsdayI’ve been strangely addicted to that show on National Geographic Channel called Doomsday Preppers.

You know, the show where various people reveal their plans for survival when, as they all seem to put it, “shit hits the fan”!

Weirder yet, it was my wife who turned me onto the show…

Anyways, I couldn’t help but notice the glaring similarities between the show and SEO.

After all, BuildMyRank, ALN, High PR Society and a few other blog networks recently met their doom.

And, unfortunately, so did the livelihood of a lot of IM’ers who relied on those networks for their rankings.

First, let’s cover a few facts:

  • Search engines are constantly evolving.
  • It’s getting increasingly harder to rank your site/keep it ranked.  Still not necessarily difficult, but just think about how easy it was 5 years ago!
  • You never know when the next algorithm is going to hit and your site is going to drop off the map.

If you’re running an online business who’s success relies on the search engines then doomsday is inevitable, as I’m sure you’re well aware. Continue reading how Doomsday Preppers can help your business thrive

Update: This post was written in 2012.  Some of these gigs may be effective still, but most likely they’re not. And, if they are, I would still be leary about the long term results.  I am working on updated link building tactics so stay tuned for that.

In this edition of my Fiverr gig review, I will be looking at 4 more SEO related gigs to see what impact thay had, if any, on my test site rankings.

Plus, I want to uncover a few other Fiverr gigs I use and the reasons why.

And in case you missed it, check out part one of my SEO Fiverr Gig Review.

So, let’s get started!

Transform your article to powerpoint and PDF and submit it for backlinks for $5

This gig basically takes an article you provide, turns it into a powerpoint and pdf file, then submits it to the top 10 document sharing and slide sharing sites. They then ping the backlinks for, as they say, faster indexing.

Continue reading part 2 of my review of Fiverr gigs