October 2011

not to do listHappiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.
-Saul Bellow

Everyday we face a lot of distractions.  A LOT!

And it’s how we deal with these distractions that determines how successful we are.

So, before creating your daily to-do list (which I ALWAYS do), lets take a look at 5 things not-to-do.  This will free up the time necessary to get those important things done and enjoy life.

Do NOT Constantly Check Your Email

Nothing kills productivity like constantly checking your email and responding to messages.  Have you ever emailed somebody and waited at least a day to get a response?  Good.  We all have and it’s OK.  So, don’t feel like you have some sort of obligation to respond to emails asap.

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Unresponsive email listSo, you’ve finally built a large list of subscribers.

And you put them through your sales funnel and periodically send out emails only to find that nobody clicks on the links…

Or, worse yet, nobody even opens them!

There are ways to cleanse your list of these sleeping subscribers, which will be the topic of a future post, but there’s one important step you should take first…

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Facebook email opt-in formIt’s fairly common knowledge anymore that if you want repeat visitors and an easy way to monetize your website then you should build an email list. Duh.

If you haven’t yet started building your own list then immediately head over to AWeber.com and get started for only $1 for the first month!

As popular as all the “Why You Should Build An Email List” posts are on those “make money online” blogs, there’s an equal amount of articles detailing WHERE you should be placing your opt-in forms.

We’ve all read the same ol’ recycled articles telling you to put an opt-in form on the homepage, in the top of the sidebar and after your posts.  Booooring…

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Welcome to Las Vegas I decided to venture half way across America this summer to Las Vegas with my wife and another couple.  Being as it was our first trip to Sin City we really didn’t know what to expect.

After the trip we collectively agreed – Holy Sh*t, Vegas Is AWESOME!

Of course, Vegas isn’t for everybody.  You’re surrounded by complete debauchery 24 hours a day, but come on…it’s VEGAS!

Plus, we attended UFC 132, which is something my wife and I do every year and we saw a host of celebrities there – Rihanna, Justin Beiber, Jenna Jameson – along with some of my favorite fighters.

Between the fights, our helicopter tour of the city, 4th of July fireworks, Blueman Group, dinner at the Stratosphere, and so on, it was a pretty good time.

Sleep came sparingly, like a few hours a night, but you don’t want to waste time sleeping in Vegas!

Best of all, I continued to earn a passive income online as I partied for 5 days!  You can’t beat that!

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get backlinks from authority sitesIf you want to boost your sites ranking in Google then you need backlinks.  There’s no denying that.

Now, anybody can go out and get literally thousands of backlinks a day in the form of profile links, blog comments, etc, but getting backlinks from authority sites is extremely hard, which is why Google gives them so much value.

But, what if I told you there’s a free service that will help you to not only get backlinks from authoritative sites, but get huge exposure for your brand from some of the top sources out there like The New York Times, Mashable, ABC News and so on.

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How To Create A Facebook Landing Page

**Update:  Facebook has changed it so you can’t force those to land directly on your landing page by default when visiting your Facebook page.  However, you can still set up a landing page on Facebook and just send people to that direct URL.

If you’re not using Facebook as a way to drive targeted traffic to your website or business then you should start NOW!  For the majority of my sites, Facebook is second to only Google in terms of sending traffic.

Now, there are several ways to grow your Facebook fan base which include adding a “like” box to your website, utilizing the facebook comments plugin (as you can see at the bottom of the posts on this site) and creating a landing page to increase the number of “likes” to your Facebook page.

What is a Facebook landing page?

When people click through to your sites Facebook page by default they land on your wall.  From my experience that doesn’t lead to very many “likes” as people immediately start reading your wall instead of “liking” your page.

What a landing page does is instruct the user to “like” your page before they land on your wall.  Some sites have reported an increase in “likes” by up to 72% by simply adding a landing page!

In the quick guide I’m about to show you, you can even capture a subscribers email address after they like your page or entice them with an offer they’ll receive after they first “like” your page.
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PluginI’m a minimalist at heart.  You wouldn’t guess it if you walked into my house and saw the amount of toys my kids have(waaaay too many – thanks grandparents), but everything I do and touch has a sort of simplicity to it.

Take this blog, for example, which has a clean some-what minimalist design and only uses 8 plugins, which is the focus of this post.

Now to some, 8 plugins might seem like a lot, but I have very little programming or web design experience so the ease of downloading a plugin and simply activating it to get the desired effect is hard to pass up.

Now, when I create a website it’s for a very specific purpose.  And every element on that site, from the opt-in form to the facebook like box, is there for a specific reason – to either gain a follower, decrease bounce rate, make a sale, etc. (Besides maybe my Random Fact widget in the sidebar, that’s just for fun, and perhaps to increase time on site)

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