December 2011

Site setupAlright, so I got down and dirty on how I select my niche site keywords

Now, it’ time to set-up my site!

This is actually my favorite part of the process. I love the feeling of starting a brand new project, planning everything out, etc.

And since I have an oversimplified process of doing it, I never really get burnt out.

So, let’s get down to it shall we!

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps I take:

  1. I use either Bluehost or Hostgator for all of my niche sites.  For this specific example I’m using Bluehost.
  2. After ordering my hosting package I immediately use the ol’ one-click WordPress site set-up option.
  3. I then upload the thesis theme and install the WordPress SEO plugin, among a few other plugins.  See my WordPress SEO Made Easy post for more information on how I optimize my sites. Continue reading my niche site diary #2

Niche SiteAs I’m sure you’re well aware, many bloggers have been detailing their niche site process lately.

It’s the IN thing to do right now…kinda like content curation and displaying your online income for the world to see…

But, since everybody has their own little way of doing it, and I just happen to be starting a new niche site right now, I thought it would be a good idea to show you exactly how I do it!

Now, I’ve been creating niche sites for many years and I’ve got what is probably an overly simplified process for doing it, which I’m about to share with you.

Plus, it’s important to understand that I do more than just create niche sites, slap up adsense and backlink the bejesus out of them until they hit the top of the SERP’s.

No, I like to create niche sites, slap up adsense, backlink the bejesus out of them and slowly turn them into authority sites!

The latter, to me, is extremely important for long-term online success if you’re in the business of creating multiple sites for money.

Anyways, on to the niche site specifics…

Getting Started

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What's holding you back?I’ll admit it, I get nervous about taking on new projects from time to time…

Sometimes doubt will come flooding in…

And every once in a while I’ll come up with a crazy idea that gives me butterflies in my stomach.

But, that’s how I know I’m about to do something BIG!

Most people are happy living in their comfort zone…

They don’t want to try out new ideas and the mere thought of making it big and getting attention frightens them.

Then there are those that embrace it!

Those that would rather deal with failure than regret.

Let’s take one of my niche sites, for example…

When I decided to take the diet industry head on and corner the market on probably the oldest and most known type of diet in existence…

I had my doubts…and I was a little nervous!

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profit from guest postsUnless you just crawled out of a cave, made your way to the nearest computer and decided to immediately take up internet marketing, you’ve probably heard of guest posting.

And no, this isn’t another article on the benefits of guest posting….

In fact, I take a somewhat different stance on guest posting than most others.

I’ve published guest posts on quite a few blogs – with a handful being MAJOR sites – across several different niches.

And while it’s a good way to build relationships and backlinks and should NOT be ignored (I even still do it from time to time), it’s just a small and sometimes time consuming piece of the puzzle.

BUT, what I would like to get into is a completely different side of guest posting, one that suits my style a little better, which is…

Creating an army of writers for my niche sites!

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Product CreationDid you know that some of the most common household items that you use everyday…

Things like the first disposable contoured diaper, granola bars, a squeezable ketchup bottle, string-less Band-Aid packaging, heatproof plastic microwave cookware, dental floss dispensers…and hundreds of more products…

Were ALL invented by the same man?

Meet Stanley Mason aka “America’s Master Inventor”.

Stanley was President and CEO of Simco Inc., a think tank organization which created over 100 new products for more than forty Fortune 500 companies and was named Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1989.

If anybody knows a thing or two about product creation, it’s this guy.

Before I go on, I’m sure you understand the importance of creating your own product…

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