February 2012

This niche site is now about two months old and not only has it made it in the top 10 for all three keywords I’m targeting, but it’s ranking #1 for one.  Here’s the breakdown:

Keyword 1
Exact monthly searches: 33,100 – Current position: #8 in Google

Keyword 2
Exact monthly searches: 18,100 – Current position: #4

Keyword 3
Exact monthly searches: 720 – Current position: #1

Not too shabby.  Typically though, I would like to be at #1 for all three keywords by now, but I decided to use this site as a test ground for some Fiverr gig reviews, which I believe has led to the slower than normal climb up the ranking ladder.

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Update: This post was written in 2012.  Some of these gigs may be effective still, but most likely they’re not. And, if they are, I would still be leary about the long term results.  I am working on updated link building tactics so stay tuned for that.

I’ve recently been testing out a handful of different Fiverr gigs that offer backlinking services.

I’ve sifted through hundreds of gigs looking for effective services and narrowed it down to roughly 5 services to test out initially.

There are a few more which I’m currently testing and some of the results I’m about to give you may be a little premature to form a decision, so I will revisit them in part 2 of this series.

So, here are the gigs that made the first cut and their results:

I will setup link wheel for your page Be on the first page in Google search in 1 month for $5

This is apparently the oldest link wheel gig on Fiverr and it may just be since he has an insane amount of positive reviews. I’m not a huge fan of link wheels, but since this is an extremely popular service I thought I better give it a try. Continue reading my review of Fiverr gigs