August 2012

Link Emperor Review**Update 9/15/2012: Grab your own FREE copy of the powerful Link Emperor Best Practices Guide when you subscribe through my affiliate link. This guide will ensure you get the most out of this ultra-powerful service!  But, first read through my detailed Link Emperor review below and check out my case study to see exactly how you can start ranking your websites completely hands-off!

**Update 11/19/2012: The guys at Link Emperor just made a few considerable improvements to the program, even fixing one of my main gripes! First they added the ability to do tier link building, completely hands off.  And they even take it a step further by only juicing up the best tiers based on their built-in algorithm.  Secondly, you now have full-control over the types of links built to your site! I believe this is especially important in the current climate of the SEO world!

Link Emperor is another one of those link building services that claims to be totally hands-off, building you a multitude of links completely on autopilot. But, does it deliver? Continue reading my Link Emperor review