Fiverr Fever! A Review Of Various SEO Fiverr Gigs – Part 1

by Tory McBroom · 15 comments

Update: This post was written in 2012.  Some of these gigs may be effective still, but most likely they’re not. And, if they are, I would still be leary about the long term results.  I am working on updated link building tactics so stay tuned for that.

I’ve recently been testing out a handful of different Fiverr gigs that offer backlinking services.

I’ve sifted through hundreds of gigs looking for effective services and narrowed it down to roughly 5 services to test out initially.

There are a few more which I’m currently testing and some of the results I’m about to give you may be a little premature to form a decision, so I will revisit them in part 2 of this series.

So, here are the gigs that made the first cut and their results:

I will setup link wheel for your page Be on the first page in Google search in 1 month for $5

This is apparently the oldest link wheel gig on Fiverr and it may just be since he has an insane amount of positive reviews. I’m not a huge fan of link wheels, but since this is an extremely popular service I thought I better give it a try.

The keyword I tested this service out on was sitting at position 15 when I started.  It gets 880 exact local searches and is a popular brand of elliptical. As you can see the keyword jumped up as high as position 4 and has seemingly settled at position 10 for now.  Not too bad considering it’s completely hands off  – you just pay $5 and give the guy your URL and anchor text.

fiverr test 1

I will spin and submit your article to U A W, Articleranks and A L N blog network for $5

There are many services on Fiverr offering a UAW, AR or a single ALN blast, but to find one for 5 bucks that submits to all three is a pretty good deal!  They even do the spinning for you.

This would be a great gig for hitting your anchor sites, and I actually did that a few times with this particular gig.  But, I also pointed it at a money page to test it’s effectiveness.  The page I pointed it at is an inner page on one of my niche sites and the keyword I targeted gets 8,100 exact local searches a month with medium competition.  When I started the test the page was ranked at exactly 100 for my keyword naturally. In 3 days it jumped to spot 22 where it’s now been resting at for a few weeks.  I would say that was a success for $5 bucks!

fiverr test 2

I will create 30 contextual high pr LINKS to your website for $5

I was really hoping for this gig to be successful.  I ordered the gig extra for this service which distributes your article to 40 extra blogs to give it a little more fire power so to speak (an additional $10).  And, so far it’s generated decent results.  It took a few weeks to see any movement, which is really no time at all in SEO, but it did move. The page I pointed this service at was a Facebook  Fan page for one of my authority sites that was at position 48 at the start.  The keyword I’m going after gets 8,100 exact local searches and is a popular diet term.  Site just reached position 35.  It’s starting to climb in the right direction so it will be interesting to see where it ends up.

fiverr test 3

I will syndicate your web content to over 2000 social media sites through TribePro for $5

I’ve been reading more and more about social signals playing a role in the SERP’s, so I thought I would give it a test.  I’ve heard good things about TribePro, but never really wanted to go through the hassle of setting up my own account and so on.  So, this gig piqued my interest. I tested this on an inner URL on one of my niche sites that is a long tail keyword with 1,300 exact local searches and a .gov as the #1 listing.  The page on my site ranked naturally at 27 with no backlinking or anything done to it.  The keyword almost immediately jumped to position 20 and sat there for a while, then eventually fell back to 35.  It’s still a little early to tell, but not looking so good right now.

fiverr test 4

I will spin and submit Article to over 1200 Article Directories, article submission for $5

This gig is extremely popular and has a ton of positive reviews, 3926 at the time of writing this.  But, I was little curious at first as to what tool the service provider uses to submit the articles since he doesn’t mention it. Turns out it’s an AMR (Article Marketing Robot) blast.  I’ll be the first to admit that I wrote off AMR as being a productive tool a while ago, but the results of this gig were really impressive.  I targeted a tough keyword that is another name brand name of a workout machine and gets 14,800 exact local searches a month.  My page started at 86 and one day after completing this service it jumped to position 19!  And it’s even held that position since.

fiverr test 5

I have a few other gigs that I’m currently testing that involve social bookmarking, a stumbleupon service, an edu/gov backlink service and more, which I will report on once I’m comfortable sharing the results.

And let me know if you have any favorite Fiverr gigs or even gigs that you provide so I can test them out!