How I Get 87% More Facebook Page “Likes” Every Day

by Tory McBroom · 15 comments

Facebook Page LikesBy now you know the power of Facebook.

It became apparent to everybody in early 2010 when Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited site in America.

And if you utilize a Facebook page for your website then you understand how much traffic it can send you.

Targeted traffic that is interested in what you have to offer!

It’s because of this that we should continually be looking for ways to increase our Facebook fan base.

Of course, you know to display a Facebook “like” box in your sidebar, put a like button on every page, blah frickin’ blah…

But, what I have for you is an underutilized, extremely quick and easy way to increase your Facebook page “likes” automatically EVERY DAY!

As you can see, during the month of March one of my sites got 41 new “likes”.  This was about average for this site.

Facebook Likes Before

After implementing this simple technique at the beginning of April, I saw an 87% increase in the number of “likes”.

Facebook Likes After

So, what is this super duper secret? Simply put, you should be asking your email list* to visit and “like” your Facebook page! (Don’t have an email list? Get started today with Aweber for only $1!)

The growth rate and responsiveness of your email list will impact how many new “likes” you get per day…

BUT, there are ways to MAXIMIZE the amount of “likes” your page gets with this method:

  1. Instead of just sending out an email to your current subscribers asking them to “like” your Facebook page, set up a Follow Up email in your autoresponder series to email each subscriber.  If you average 20 new subscribers per day, then every day you could have 20 new potential Facebook fans.
  2. Don’t just ask your subscribers to go and “like” your page.  If only it were that easy, huh.  Instead entice them with a free gift or special content.  One of my sites Facebook page’s has a “FREE Stuff” tab with downloadable eBooks, recipes, etc.  So, in my email to my subscribers I tell them to jump over to my Facebook page to claim their free gifts.  If you utilize an optimized Facebook landing page, then converting that traffic to subscribers should be easy!
  3. Craft a catchy headline for your email!  You need to entice your email list subscribers to open the email in the first place.  In my example above, the headline I send out to my list states “More Free Gifts Just For You!”.  This email is pretty far down in my autoresponder list, yet it gets higher open rates then the emails that are a lot higher up.

This simple technique can also be used to explode your Twitter and/or Google + subscribers, as well.

Ok, so all of this is fine and dandy, but some of you may be thinking what’s the point in getting email subscribers to be Facebook subscribers?  After all, they are ALREADY subscribed in one way or another.

Here’s why:

  1. It offers another way for you and your brand to be everywhere and stay on your readers radar.
  2. Some people are more receptive to pitches/content you place on Facebook rather than the emails you send them – and vice versa.
  3. If they unsubscribe from your email list, you potentially still have them as a subscriber to your Facebook page.

I’m sure there are more reasons, but you get the point.  So, get out there and add a new follow up to your email campaign and explode your Facebook fan base!

* If you’re not building an email list then you’ve got bigger problems.  Hop on over to AWeber and get started for just a $1!

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