Link Emperor Review – The ONLY Link Building Service You’ll Ever Need?

by Tory McBroom · 10 comments

Link Emperor Review**Update 9/15/2012: Grab your own FREE copy of the powerful Link Emperor Best Practices Guide when you subscribe through my affiliate link. This guide will ensure you get the most out of this ultra-powerful service!  But, first read through my detailed Link Emperor review below and check out my case study to see exactly how you can start ranking your websites completely hands-off!

**Update 11/19/2012: The guys at Link Emperor just made a few considerable improvements to the program, even fixing one of my main gripes! First they added the ability to do tier link building, completely hands off.  And they even take it a step further by only juicing up the best tiers based on their built-in algorithm.  Secondly, you now have full-control over the types of links built to your site! I believe this is especially important in the current climate of the SEO world!

Link Emperor is another one of those link building services that claims to be totally hands-off, building you a multitude of links completely on autopilot. But, does it deliver?

What is Link Emperor?

In a nutshell, it combines some of the most popular link building services/strategies out there and organizes them in one central dashboard.

Have you considered using SocialAdr, Dripable, etc, or software such as Xrumer, Sick Submitter, SENuke and so on, but never knew if they were worth the money? With Link Emperor you get the best of all of those along with many other link building services to build links to your sites 24 hours a day.

Blog posts, web 2.0’s, article submissions, Google +1’s, .Edu & .Gov Links, Wiki links, High-PR blog comments, press releases, forum profiles, tiered link building, social bookmarking and so on…ALL included in Link Emperor! And you get to choose which types of links you would like built. For example, if you want to increase social signals sent to your site, then you can allocate more of your link credits to go towards those. Or if there are certain spammy link types you want to avoid then you can completely turn those off.

More than that however, it combines keyword research, link building and rank tracking all in one tool. This means it does the keyword research for you after analyzing your pages, it then automatically targets the keywords that their built-in algorithm decides will be easiest to rank for, then it builds links for these keywords to help your rankings and traffic sky-rocket. You can even track all of your rankings for these keywords and any keyword you choose.

Another important point, especially post-penguin, is that it allows for random prefixes and suffixes for anchor text, as well. And you can easily adjust the randomization of anchors.

Another benefit for those with clients is you can use Link Emperor to run a hands-off SEO business. If you charge a local SEO client $1,000 a month and you spend $147 on the “Soldier” Level account you could pocket $853 in profit every month – completely hands-off! Plus your clients get a custom branded dashboard area featuring your logo’s.

I was almost dreading writing up this Link Emperor review because of the multitude of features it has built-in, so if you want to learn more about the features then check out their sales page and watch their video. They even a have a forum you can ask pre-sales questions, etc.  Anyways, let’s jump in and look at the exact strategy I used for this case study.

Link Emperor Review

Link Emperor has four different pricing options at the time of this case study, which are:

Now, for this case study, I wanted to give Link Emperor a fair shake, but at the same time, I know a lot IM’ers don’t have enormous budgets to work with. So, I chose the Gladiator option. For those on an extremely small budget or those who are a little skeptical they do have a special for $7 for 7 days where you get 7,000 link building credits.

Specifics of the site I used for this case study:

  • 6 months old
  • Price comparison site for recreational water crafts
  • Monetized with Amazon affiliate links
  • No active link building for two months prior to test

My strategy was to play it (relatively) safe and be less aggressive with certain spammy looking link types (which can be subjective). It’s very possible that I could have received better/faster rankings by being more aggressive with certain links, however I tried to avoid blasting my site with tons of spun content, especially since some of the link providers I noticed didn’t take the level of care I personally would when it comes to spinning articles (one of the cons I found. I did recently notice that they have Jon Leger’s built-in which you can use to generate your own unique articles if you so wish).

Here’s a snapshot of exactly how I have my links allocated:

*You can email support at and ask for a free account evaluation and they will have a look-see and offer suggestions to get the most out of your link building efforts. Be sure you include your username or registered e-mail address for your account when you email them.

When you add your lander pages, or the URL’s you want to rank, Link Emperor works it’s magic and finds a bunch of easy to rank for keywords, which you can adjust how much link building you want, if any, done using these anchors.

You can also add your own keywords that you would like to rank for. I added three high competition “buyer” keywords, each pointing to a different URL on this test site, that I would like to eventually rank for.  These were:

Keyword 1 – 4,400 exact local. This keyword I’ve been tracking for a while with Rankerizer and it’s a brand name. Went from nowhere, to position 39 after a week and is sitting at position 28 at the time of this post.

Keyword 1

Keyword 2 – 6,600 exact local, high competition buyer keyword. Not the best keyword to track for such a short test, but still saw some progress; started at position 83 and moved to 78 at the time of this post. (Click to enlarge)

keyword 2


Keyword 3 – 3,600 exact local, high competition buyer keyword. Another keyword that isn’t the best keyword to run a short test on, but would be highly lucrative once in the top 3. Started at position 42 and moved to 14 at the time of this post. (Click to enlarge)

keyword 3

No too bad after only 5 weeks, but for the money you might expect a lot more. However, remember when I mentioned that Link Emperor builds links using long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for? Well, I ended up getting a lot more first page results then I initially anticipated (click to enlarge):

page one rankings

Because of these first page rankings my traffic doubled in the short amount of time I ran this test:

traffic doubled

*You get detailed reports of all the links built, so take advantage of this and run them through Linklicious or your favorite link indexer. I might actually contact Justin from Linklicious and see if they’ll integrate with Link Emperor to make it completely hands off.

As mentioned above, the site that was the subject of this case study is an Amazon affiliate site for water crafts, many which sell in $1000 to $2000 range, that result in an average of $100 in profit per sale. So, when I was able to double my traffic, I was easily able to get my money back from using this service in just one month. I’m excited to see where this site will be a few months down the road without any work done on my part.

I know for many the price is going to be an issue. When I started out I would scoff at the idea of shelling out $497 a month. Even the $147 a month plan would have been a stretch. But, in the absence of money, I had time! I had plenty of time and desire to manually build backlinks. Then when income started rolling in I was able to reinvest that money into link building services to free up some of my time to focus on starting new websites. As your portfolio and income grows, so does the amount of money you can reinvest.

With that being said, do I feel this service is for everybody? History and my own experience would say no. But, if you have solid converting site(s) or simply prefer hands-off link building and are comfortable investing in your business, then by all means try it out! There’s a 30-Day money back guarantee, which is rare in this industry, so if you don’t see results simply cancel and ask for your money back. I review products in a completely unrelated niche and one of my “rules” is I will only support products that offer a money-back guarantee, so it’s extremely refreshing to see that sort of guarantee in a link building service.

Give link Emperor a try for just $7 for 7 days!

*To be totally transparent with you, the links pointing to Link Emperor within this review are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click through and order their service.  Keep in mind this in no way affected my final viewpoint of their service. Thanks!