Niche Site Diary #2 – Site Setup

by Tory McBroom

Site setupAlright, so I got down and dirty on how I select my niche site keywords

Now, it’ time to set-up my site!

This is actually my favorite part of the process. I love the feeling of starting a brand new project, planning everything out, etc.

And since I have an oversimplified process of doing it, I never really get burnt out.

So, let’s get down to it shall we!

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps I take:

  1. I use either Bluehost or Hostgator for all of my niche sites.  For this specific example I’m using Bluehost.
  2. After ordering my hosting package I immediately use the ol’ one-click WordPress site set-up option.
  3. I then upload the thesis theme and install the WordPress SEO plugin, among a few other plugins.  See my WordPress SEO Made Easy post for more information on how I optimize my sites.
  4. I make little tweaks to the sites design, add a logo, etc.  You don’t want all of your sites to look the same, so making a few changes here and there is a good thing. Plus, if you have enough sites, you can test different elements to see what converts better.
  5. I delete the default “Hello World” post on WordPress and quickly add my Privacy Policy, Disclosure, About, etc.  I then run the brand new site, literally only hours old, through my link indexing program.  I use LinkClaw as the basis of my link indexing program, but it’s actually a lot more complex than that and perhaps will make a good post for the future.  Anyways, this is basically to get the site indexed as quickly as possible, funnel a little link juce towards it and get on Big G’s radar (though the pinging process built into WordPress partially covers this).
  6. Ok, now all I need is quality content!  This is where and oDesk come in.  For this specific example, I need content for different requirements for all 50 states, so I hired a freelancer on oDesk to research and find each states information and write up a post on it.  She is doing this for $200, which is a steal in my opinion. Importantly, I researched titles for each page of content to see which keywords would send the most traffic, so when I add this content to my site it will be optimized to get the most traffic (in theory). I also hire content writers through iWriter to create supplemental pages of content for my sidebar.  I had 5 high quality articles written for less than $30!  Lastly, I create a simple 45 second video with powerpoint (my wife does the narration) and I upload it to YouTube with a link back to my site and I also place the video in my sidebar.

And that’s pretty much it for the site set-up.  Easy-peasy…

Interesting Niche Site Facts:

  • It took 4 days for this niche site to be completed.
  • It has 55 posts and 11 pages of content.
  • It has a Twitter account that is updated daily thanks to HootSuite and an active YouTube account.
  • I will continue to grow the site with fresh, high quality content weekly from my article writers.
  • It’s two weeks old and has had 85 views with YouTube and Google being the biggest referrers thus far.  I’m seeing a few hits a day for some long-tail keywords.
  • The EMD keyword is on page 2 of Google already without even backlinking with that specific anchor text…very interesting!  Perhaps EMD’s still carry a lot more weight than previously thought.
  • I’m still trying to come up with a way to reveal this niche site to you without attracting a bunch of copycat sites or worse…

Before I go, I want to quickly brag inform you that all three keywords are in the top 100. Now, that could change, for the better or worse,as keywords tend to jump around a lot in the early stages, but I will get into this a little more in my next niche site post, which will cover my backlinking methods.

Oh, and I realize some of this information might seem a little vague.  It’s a lot easier for me to do than it is to type out, so if you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them in the comments below.