Niche Site Diary #3 – Backlinking

by Tory McBroom · 7 comments

BacklinksOK, let’s take a look at the bread and butter of the niche site process.


Honestly, this is the part that can make or break your niche site success.  Why?

Because if you never get your site to the top of the serps, more specifically Google, for any of your keywords then it’s going to be hard to make any decent money.

Sure, you might get some traffic from longtail keywords that will slowly add up over time, but who wants to wait that long?

Not this guy.

So, we need to build links.  Lots of them.  And preferably quality ones.

I cover various ways to acquire backlinks in my Link Building Strategies guide, but I will cover EXACTLY what I have done for this specific niche site.

Where My Niche Site Currently Stands

Ok, we’re about a month in since I created this site.  Currently the site ranks:

Keyword 1: 33,100 local searches – Current rank is 11

Keyword 2: 18,100 local searches – Current rank is 8

Keyword 3: 720 local searches – Current rank is 11

Keyword 4: Another anchor text I threw in for variety.  It won’t send much traffic, but ranks 14.

Here’s how it looks in my rank checking tool of choice, Rankerizer:

niche site ranking

Not shabby for a site only 4 weeks old in a fairly competitive market!

So, how did I do it so quick?

Backlinking Process

You’ve probably read a thousand different ways to build links, using various different services, methods, and so on…

I have too.  And over the years I’ve spent thousands of dollars and tested just about all of them, which has given me a pretty good understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Quick side note:  I am in no way a guru or pretend to know everything about SEO, backlinking, IM, etc.  I only know what I’ve personally tested and the rest is heresay.  You want to get good at SEO, then jump in head first and test, test, test.

First of all, I build links to my niche sites faster than most others say one should.  In fact, for this specific niche site and most others, I started off with article blasts to a lot of the major article networks, I built web 2.0’s, submitted to blog networks, etc.

I’ve never been penalized for building links too fast, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible.   I also have never blasted my money site with 10,000 profiles or blog comments either. Perhaps that’s why…

Which brings me to my next point – I don’t fill up the internet with garbage.  While I may spin articles and blast them out to content networks,  it’s really no different than a news article being syndicated across the web.  And I make sure the articles make sense and prove useful.

So here’s exactly what I’ve done for this niche site so far:

  1. I met a guy named Pat Jackson through the now defunct and I use his service which basically drip feeds articles to 9 of the major article networks like Article Ranks,  Article Marketing Robot, Free Traffic System Pro, My Article Network, Authority Link Network, Unique Article Wizard, Blog BluePrint, Article BluePrint and Article Marketing Automation!  That’s a LOT for the money! Check out his service HERE (not an affiliate link).  This builds hundreds, if not thousands of links to your site, across multiple networks, over the course of a few months.
  2. I use Backlinks Genie to create Web 2.0’s  and to build backlinks to those properties ( I also hand create some web 2.0’s myself).  I’m sure you’ve heard of this process before, but you basically create anchor sites (web 2.0’s) that link back to your niche site, then I use Backlink Genie bookmarks and article blasts to build links to the anchor sites.  The theory is that the anchor sites, sitting on High Pr domains, pass link juice from all the bookmarks and articles through to your site which give it a nice rankings boost.
  3. I use BuildMyRank to build article links back to my niche sites on High PR blogs.  I have seen GREAT movement from using this service.  But, beware that you may see a sharp increase in your rankings at first, but as your articles within the BMR network roll off the front page of the blog they are on, the link back to your site is no longer on a High PR page, but rather a PR 0 page now.

That sums up the link building I’ve done so far and as you can see the results have been impressive.

Important things to note:

  1. BMR can get costly if you have them write the articles for you, which is $2.50 per 150 word blurb.  On the other hand, it’s extremely time consuming if you try to write them yourself.  A little trick I have learned is to use to have my BMR blurbs written.  It’s 9.50 per 1000 word article and you can instruct the writer to break up the article into 150 word blurbs.  This way you can get your blurbs for as little as $1.35 each!
  2. Specifically, I built a total of 60 links to this niche site from BMR, created 30 web 2.0’s (backlinked the crap out of those) and got hundreds of article links from Pat’s service.
  3. Using Pat’s service is a no-brainer!  If you were to sign-up for each of the networks and submit an article to each it would cost you way more!  And he even writes the article for you and spins it.  It’s completely hands off and I’ve seen good results using just his service.
  4. While I was using BMR, BLG and Pat’s service to get this niche site to the top of the SERP’s, I was also building links to a few authority sites that I own and got quite a few other keywords to the #1 spot.  Link building is an ongoing process!
  5. I’m currently testing a few High PR Homepage networks.  And I will point some homepage links up to this niche site soon here to see if that alone will give it the extra boost to the number spot.  I’ll keep you posted on results.
  6. I’m already earning money from this niche site.  Only $10 over the last week but hey, it’s a start! 🙂

I will periodically update you as the site’s ranking and income improves and let you know what other tests, etc I run on the site.  So, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or enter your email address below!  And of course, if you have any questions please leave them below.