Niche Site Diary #4 – Progress Update

by Tory McBroom · 11 comments

This niche site is now about two months old and not only has it made it in the top 10 for all three keywords I’m targeting, but it’s ranking #1 for one.  Here’s the breakdown:

Keyword 1
Exact monthly searches: 33,100 – Current position: #8 in Google

Keyword 2
Exact monthly searches: 18,100 – Current position: #4

Keyword 3
Exact monthly searches: 720 – Current position: #1

Not too shabby.  Typically though, I would like to be at #1 for all three keywords by now, but I decided to use this site as a test ground for some Fiverr gig reviews, which I believe has led to the slower than normal climb up the ranking ladder.

But, that’s fine, as I found some pretty good and worthwhile Fiverr gigs that I will be using for future projects, as well as some worthless gigs that seemingly had a negative impact on rankings (perhaps from a negative link velocity due to Big G deindexing a lot of the links).


Unique visitors is a little erratic right now as Big G is deciding exactly where to place my site.

And while, my keywords have been jumping around on the first page, the two main one’s which will send the most traffic haven’t broke the top 3, so my current daily unique visitors is nowhere near what it’ll be if/when I make the #1 spot.

Here’s what my traffic looks like for the last two weeks:

Niche Site Traffic


Even though traffic is low, the site has been making a decent amount of money through Adsense.

I also plan on diversifying the income by adding private advertising options and also promoting the job board a little more, which I will reveal the entire process for that when I get to it.

So far, the site has made a total of $449.12 with about half of that having been made in the last two weeks.  So, we’re heading down the right path!

I expect that number to really take off if/when I hit the first spot.

Future Plans

So, now I must concentrate on getting the two main keywords, the ones that will send the bulk of the traffic, to the first spot.

To do this I am going to concentrate more on manually creating quality web 2.0s and backlinking the hell out of them.

I have always found tiered linking to be a safe way to climb the serps and it really stabilizes the rankings (stops them from jumping all over the place).

And with Big G now handing out warnings to people in their webmaster tools about unnatural links pointing at their site, I’m going to try and play it safe and build a natural looking diverse link portfolio.

I was careful about only choosing certain Fiverr gigs to point at this site as to make the links still look natural and to build diverse types of links, ie. Manual comments, social bookmarks, wiki’s, etc.

As I’ve said before, I don’t build one page micro-niche sites, I build fleshed out authority sites that hopefully stick around for many, many years to come!

And, as usual,I will periodically update you as the site’s ranking and income improves and let you know what other tests, etc I perform on the site.  You can follow along on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus or enter your email address below! If you have any questions please leave them below.