Product CreationDid you know that some of the most common household items that you use everyday…

Things like the first disposable contoured diaper, granola bars, a squeezable ketchup bottle, string-less Band-Aid packaging, heatproof plastic microwave cookware, dental floss dispensers…and hundreds of more products…

Were ALL invented by the same man?

Meet Stanley Mason aka “America’s Master Inventor”.

Stanley was President and CEO of Simco Inc., a think tank organization which created over 100 new products for more than forty Fortune 500 companies and was named Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1989.

If anybody knows a thing or two about product creation, it’s this guy.

Before I go on, I’m sure you understand the importance of creating your own product…

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Running an online business has it’s perks…

Working whenever you feel like it, nobody telling you what to do, and…


Free Alcohol!

I would like to thank the fine folks at Ocean Vodka and Partida Tequila for these tasty gifts!

They really know the way to a man’s heart!

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Kick Ass ContentI’ve been surfing around the internet a LOT lately checking out various blogs.

I’ve visited hundreds of different blogs, mostly in the IM niche, just seeing what people have to offer, see who stands out and to build relationships.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that has really stuck out to me, which is…

The same basic topics are being covered over and over again on different blogs!

Post after post featuring:

“Ways To make Money With Your Blog” articles that list revenue sources like Adsense and banner ads…


“How To Increase Traffic” posts with advice to add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your site…


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hoot suiteI first met Hoot Suite a few months back off a recommendation from a friend.

And let me tell you, it was love at first sight!

See, I’m used to doing everything the hard way…or at least that’s what my mom always told me.

And that held true for the way I handled social media.

I have several sites in different niches all with their own Facebook pages and twitter accounts.  I also utilize linkedIn, several accounts and so on.

ALL of which I would aimlessly, and manually, update myself.

Keeping up with all of these was a full time task in itself.  A task that was quickly burning me out!

Enter Hoot Suite.

If you haven’t heard of Hoot Suite already then simply put, it lets you handle all of your social media accounts in one place.

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Facebook Page LikesBy now you know the power of Facebook.

It became apparent to everybody in early 2010 when Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited site in America.

And if you utilize a Facebook page for your website then you understand how much traffic it can send you.

Targeted traffic that is interested in what you have to offer!

It’s because of this that we should continually be looking for ways to increase our Facebook fan base.

Of course, you know to display a Facebook “like” box in your sidebar, put a like button on every page, blah frickin’ blah…

But, what I have for you is an underutilized, extremely quick and easy way to increase your Facebook page “likes” automatically EVERY DAY!

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Scrolling Social BarMost of you may have noticed the little scrolling social bar off to the left of the content.  This makes it easy for readers to share the post no matter where they are on the page.

It’s a neat little feature that can easily be added to a WordPress site by using the Sharebar plugin.  However, if you’ve been following my blog at all then you know that I like to keep things simple and use a minimal amount of plugins.

Luckily, adding a scrolling social bar to your site is extremely easy.  Simply follow these two steps:

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I thought I would go all out this year for Halloween and REALLY try to scare the little kids.  I think I succeeded…

scariest halloween costume ever

Even John agreed…

John Chow tweet

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!

not to do listHappiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.
-Saul Bellow

Everyday we face a lot of distractions.  A LOT!

And it’s how we deal with these distractions that determines how successful we are.

So, before creating your daily to-do list (which I ALWAYS do), lets take a look at 5 things not-to-do.  This will free up the time necessary to get those important things done and enjoy life.

Do NOT Constantly Check Your Email

Nothing kills productivity like constantly checking your email and responding to messages.  Have you ever emailed somebody and waited at least a day to get a response?  Good.  We all have and it’s OK.  So, don’t feel like you have some sort of obligation to respond to emails asap.

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Unresponsive email listSo, you’ve finally built a large list of subscribers.

And you put them through your sales funnel and periodically send out emails only to find that nobody clicks on the links…

Or, worse yet, nobody even opens them!

There are ways to cleanse your list of these sleeping subscribers, which will be the topic of a future post, but there’s one important step you should take first…

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Facebook email opt-in formIt’s fairly common knowledge anymore that if you want repeat visitors and an easy way to monetize your website then you should build an email list. Duh.

If you haven’t yet started building your own list then immediately head over to and get started for only $1 for the first month!

As popular as all the “Why You Should Build An Email List” posts are on those “make money online” blogs, there’s an equal amount of articles detailing WHERE you should be placing your opt-in forms.

We’ve all read the same ol’ recycled articles telling you to put an opt-in form on the homepage, in the top of the sidebar and after your posts.  Booooring…

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