Write Content So Kick Ass That Chuck Norris Would Quiver With Fear

by Tory McBroom · 21 comments

Kick Ass ContentI’ve been surfing around the internet a LOT lately checking out various blogs.

I’ve visited hundreds of different blogs, mostly in the IM niche, just seeing what people have to offer, see who stands out and to build relationships.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that has really stuck out to me, which is…

The same basic topics are being covered over and over again on different blogs!

Post after post featuring:

“Ways To make Money With Your Blog” articles that list revenue sources like Adsense and banner ads…


“How To Increase Traffic” posts with advice to add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your site…


And the list goes on and on…

I understand that the above examples can be important tips for beginners!

I was there once.  I used to read sites like Problogger and even got some valuable advice from them when I first started out.

BUT, the question I have for the bloggers out there…

How do you stand out from every other blogger writing about the exact same shit?

There’s a famous blogger saying (which I just made up) that basically states: if you want mediocre results, follow mediocre advice.

Same principle applies to your blog and its content: If you want a mediocre blog, create mediocre content!

Does that mean EVERY post you publish has to be over-the-top epic content?  Absolutely not.

In my opinion, that would be a good way to burn yourself out…FAST.

With this blog, for example, I try to mix in great content delivered in my own, unique voice, along with my personal experiences running a business online and for fun I sprinkle in a few personal posts about myself.  And I use a somewhat similar strategy for my other web properties.

This way I can still provide kick ass content on a regular basis, but I don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to make every post epic.

Writing Kick Ass Content

OK, so writing unique, over-the-top content is what really brings in traffic, turns those readers into subscribers and helps improve conversions – not that little Facebook or Twitter share button on your blog…

But, what exactly is this type of content?

Instead of me flat out telling you what kick ass content is, let me show you!

How to Optimize 7 Popular Social Media Profiles for SEO – How-to articles are a very popular way to provide information that readers are looking for.  This particular how-to article by Kristi Hines is about as epic as they come.  It has 1,000 Facebook likes, over 1500 tweets, and so on.  If you haven’t read it yet I would suggest you head over and check it out!

The Occupied Wall Street Journal, Marketing Message And Boobs – Want to stir a reaction from your readers?  Then try writing a controversial article! This article by Eugene Farber criticizes the Occupy Wall Street movement.  And he even works boobs into the post.  Pretty interesting with even more interesting comments.

Link building Strategies – OK,  I created this guide so I’m a little biased, but I put a lot of work into it so I’m gonna promote it damn it!  Free resources, like my link building strategies guide, eCourses and downloadable eBooks make great pieces of kick ass content that people  gush over and if necessary, will quickly hand over their email address to obtain. I really wanted to do something different with my link building guide so I created a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure format with expandable/collapsible text areas to (hopefully) pull people in and pique their interest as well as offer over the top information.

Ana Hoffman’s CommentLuv Enabled Blog List – List posts are arguably the most popular form of content.  They are easy to digest and people love to share them.  This particular piece by Ana has garnered over 600 comments!  And it’s a post I have gone back to several times.

Does Your Content Kick Ass?

Remember, there are a million bloggers out there, with a thousand more starting up every day, blogging about the same thing.

So, ask yourself – How are you standing out from the crowd?  Is your site or service useful?  Why should new visitors to your site come back for more?

These are important questions that can determine your success as a blogger.

Oh, and what makes this rant about how “content is king” REALLY stand out from all the others?

A picture of Chuck Norris with uzi’s of course!**

Chuck Norris

Pretty kick ass, huh!

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**Shameless disclosure: The Chuck Norris picture is an Amazon affiliate link.  It’s the only way I could think of using that picture without copyright infringement.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you click through and order the poster!