Niche Site Diary #1 – Keyword Selection

by Tory McBroom · 7 comments

Niche SiteAs I’m sure you’re well aware, many bloggers have been detailing their niche site process lately.

It’s the IN thing to do right now…kinda like content curation and displaying your online income for the world to see…

But, since everybody has their own little way of doing it, and I just happen to be starting a new niche site right now, I thought it would be a good idea to show you exactly how I do it!

Now, I’ve been creating niche sites for many years and I’ve got what is probably an overly simplified process for doing it, which I’m about to share with you.

Plus, it’s important to understand that I do more than just create niche sites, slap up adsense and backlink the bejesus out of them until they hit the top of the SERP’s.

No, I like to create niche sites, slap up adsense, backlink the bejesus out of them and slowly turn them into authority sites!

The latter, to me, is extremely important for long-term online success if you’re in the business of creating multiple sites for money.

Anyways, on to the niche site specifics…

Getting Started

(You can scroll to the bottom of this post and read the key takeaways if my rambling brings you to tears)

Most people start with Market Samurai to find an easy to rank keyword with lots of traffic.

Not me.

As I’ve stated before, Market Samurai is pretty awesome, but I like the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) methodology, so I use Niche Finder.  Plus, I absolutely loathe this part of the creation process, so the faster I can get through it the better.

Back to Niche Finder, basically you type in some keyword ideas and Niche Finder spits out a bunch of keyword variations with a green dot, a yellow dot or a red dot next to them. This tells you if they are easy to rank, a little more complicated to rank or hard to rank, respectively, plus the amount of traffic each keyword gets and the cpc.

That’s all the info I need.  And honestly, I’m not turned off by hard to rank keywords as I’ve ranked plenty.  If I feel I have a good chance to really grow the site into something special, then I will go after it even if it’s hard to rank.

Plus, unless you’re planning on only using adsense, cpc may or may not be a deciding factor for you.  For example, if your goal is mainly to build a list off your niche site, which is an excellent idea, then you might not be concerned with the cpc.

Now, I always choose multiple “similar” keywords to optimize my one niche site for.  When I’m backlinking to my niche site, I like to use multiple anchor texts, so I try to use the ones that will send the most traffic and are easiest to rank for.

So, in this niche site case study the 3 keywords I am going after look like this:

Keyword 1
Exact monthly searches: 33,100
Niche Finder Difficulty: 64
Results: 60,000,000
This is going o be a tough keyword to rank. There’s even a few .gov’s on the first page.

Keyword 2
Exact monthly searches: 18,100
Niche Finder Difficulty: 68
Results: 14,500,000
Another toughy, but the #1 site is a pretty crappy looking niche site with a lot of cheap backlinks pointing to it.

Keyword 3
Exact monthly searches: 720
Niche Finder Difficulty: 49
Results: 5,400,000
This keyword won’t bring much traffic, but it incorporates the above 2 keywords and is actually my exact domain name.

I wish I could give you the keyword, but I really don’t want a bunch of copycat sites popping up.  I can tell you that my keywords are in the medical niche.  Perhaps in future posts I will refer to this as the “medical niche site” case study.

My domain URL happens to be an EMD of Keyword 3, but finding an EMD isn’t something you should stress over.  Most of my URL’s are close, but not exact matches.

As far as how much traffic I look for in a keyword, I personally won’t go after anything under 5,000 local per month.  But, this isn’t my main concern.  Why?  Because as I flesh my site out and grow it into an authority site, I have plenty of opportunities to go after more keywords to drive more traffic. This is how I got one of my niche sites up to 100,000 unique visitors per month in a little over a year’s time.

So, I got my keywords, my domain and hosting through Bluehost – the BORING part is over!

Now it’s time to build my site!

This is where it gets interesting and deserves an entire post in itself, so until next time…

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a niche that you feel you can turn into an authority site with time.
  • Use your favorite niche finding tool, I use Niche Finder, to find keywords that are easy to rank with at least 5,000 local searches per month.  That’s kind of the baseline I use, but is in no way set in stone.
  • If you’re building an adsense site, then CPC for your keyword may come into play.
  • I fear no keywords – my SEO Kung Fu is strong.
  • Choose at least 3 good keywords to optimize your new niche site for.
  • EMD’s are nice, but not necessary.
  • The next post won’t suck as bad.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus!