What Band-Aids, Granola Bars And Diapers Have In Common…And How It Can Make You Rich!

by Tory McBroom · 7 comments

Product CreationDid you know that some of the most common household items that you use everyday…

Things like the first disposable contoured diaper, granola bars, a squeezable ketchup bottle, string-less Band-Aid packaging, heatproof plastic microwave cookware, dental floss dispensers…and hundreds of more products…

Were ALL invented by the same man?

Meet Stanley Mason aka “America’s Master Inventor”.

Stanley was President and CEO of Simco Inc., a think tank organization which created over 100 new products for more than forty Fortune 500 companies and was named Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1989.

If anybody knows a thing or two about product creation, it’s this guy.

Before I go on, I’m sure you understand the importance of creating your own product…

To diversify your income portfolio, build brand awareness, get email subscribers and so on.

Now, there’s a million tips out there on how to create your own product…

Everything from drawing inspiration from your personal interests or hobbies, improve on an existing product to repackaging PLR content…

But, no matter what you decide to create, it’s important to first…

Discover the NEED for a product!

Stanley Mason’s success can be attributed to his product creation process.

Before starting the designing process, he would first discover the need for a product.

In fact, Mason spent as much time figuring out what consumers wanted as he did actually inventing.

Which is why he created such a wide variety of successful products.

But, how do you know what consumers NEED in your niche?

Here’s my one step process to product creation:

Ask people what they want!

It’s so brain-dead simple that people often over-look how effective this is…

And no I don’t mean create a snazzy (is that even a word?) little survey quizzing people for information that are most likely just lies

I…simply…ask them.

It’s as easy as setting up a simple email in your auto-responder series to automatically ask every new subscriber how you can help them!

This will create an abundance of product ideas, blog content ideas and it builds relationships and trust with your email subscribers.

Win, Win, Win! 

Of course, this isn’t the end all be all of a successful product.

One could argue that a kick ass marketing plan trumps all…

After all, even The Shake Weight was successful (They used some master marketing techniques to pull that off!).

But baby steps…

That will be the topic of a future post.