Stay Classy Anonymous Internet Users!

by Tory McBroom

Stay ClassyIf you’ve been in the online business for a while or built up an email list of substantial size, then you may have run across some interesting characters!

I have an active email list for one of my health sites that gets around 20-30 new signups per day.  It has grown quite large over the years, and while most everybody I interact with from that list is really cool and thoughtful, every once in a great while I’ll get a few strange ones.

I just recently got this email today from a new subscriber to my list who wanted to download the free eBook I offer…

No problem, you just enter your email, confirm your address and then you get a “Welcome” email with the link to download the free eBook.

Pretty standard stuff…

And only twice in over ten thousand downloads has someone not been able to figure it out.

Here’s the email I just got from the second person that couldn’t figure it out:

Not Very Nice

Now, the only thing I can come up with is after they confirm their email address, it takes them to a one-time offer page to buy a book I sell for 50% off, which it clearly states they are NOT obligated to do.  It’s just a simple offer.  Kind of a nice little way of rewarding them for signing up to my newsletter (and actually converts REALLY well in case you were wondering!).

This, however, isn’t the reaction I was looking for by offering a discount!

And looking through the aWeber analytic’s, this user opened the “Welcome” email and clicked on the download link for the free eBook…

Gotta love it!

There’s a saying – You know you’ve made it when people start hating you!

Or something like that…

For those new to the online space, never take comments like this to heart…

Even one of the nicest guys on the internet deals with haters (scroll down to the bottom of Pat’s post)!

Anyways, I may start saving these emails and eventually publish them all in a post!

It’ll be my own little Hall Of Fame Haters! 🙂