What’s Holding You Back?

by Tory McBroom · 1 comment

What's holding you back?I’ll admit it, I get nervous about taking on new projects from time to time…

Sometimes doubt will come flooding in…

And every once in a while I’ll come up with a crazy idea that gives me butterflies in my stomach.

But, that’s how I know I’m about to do something BIG!

Most people are happy living in their comfort zone…

They don’t want to try out new ideas and the mere thought of making it big and getting attention frightens them.

Then there are those that embrace it!

Those that would rather deal with failure than regret.

Let’s take one of my niche sites, for example…

When I decided to take the diet industry head on and corner the market on probably the oldest and most known type of diet in existence…

I had my doubts…and I was a little nervous!

But, honestly, what was the worst that could happen?

My site never got big and I was out the $100 hosting and domain fee for the year?

Big flippin’ deal!

The worst thing that COULD have happened was if I had taken no action at all!

In the month of November alone that site saw almost 100,000 unique visitors…and growing fast!


A year and a half ago it was lucky to get 1,000 unique’s per month…

Now, I can only imagine where it will be in a year and a half from now!

I’ve failed a LOT playing the online game!

But, I don’t have REGRET!

Remember, the butterflies in your stomach, or the doubt that consumes you, just means you’re about to do something BIG!

Embrace it!